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Welcome to the HET website. The High Performance Computing in Europe Taskforce was formed by representatives of European countries interested in shaping the European High Performance Computing Infrastructure. HET has set the framework of a European policy in the area of High Performance Computing. HET reports to the countries represented in the present Taskforce and to the e-IRG. The Taskforce is chaired by Kimmo Koski from CSC (Finland). HPC in Europe was founded in Vienna, Austria, on June 7th 2006 in a meeting initiated by prof. dr. Dieter Kranzlm├╝ller, acting as chair of e-IRG.

The final documents produced by HET are now available online! These include a scientific case, a proposal for the peer review process and a document about the HPC ecosystem.

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HPC is part of the domain of structural basic infrastructures covered by the e-IRG. The e-IRG also has presented a formal roadmap for these infrastructures. One key element in the whole of basic infrastructures is formed by the HPC-infrastructure. HET will sketch a sustainable HPC-ecosystem as part of a sustainable European Science Grid infrastructure. Use will be made of the experiences of DEISA, as well as of knowledge gained from individual HPC-centres and national HPC-policies.

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The work of HET has finished. The final documents were handed over to Mario Campolargo (EC) in Barcelona on the 18th January 2007. Any comments to the documents and our visions are still welcomed. The final results will be communicated to the e-IRG and other stakeholders.